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Amit Sircar, Chairman

Amit, a dynamic, accomplished and committed leader is the Chairman of the Board over at Skandha. Amit has worked with some of the most reputed global brands such as IBM, Wipro, HP, and Microsoft. As the Managing Director of Microsoft Global Services Centre India, he was instrumental in expanding its operations from India, China, Japan, Poland, Egypt, Jordan, Western Europe to name a few. Having worked with customer across 50+ countries his expertise lies in strategy creation and business transformation planning, teamed with building operational efficiencies. He's also a mentor at T-hub, India’s leading start-up incubator and provides advisory services to organisations seeking to establish a competitive advantage through building global delivery and services capabilities worldwide.


Amit is on the panel of The Outstanding Speaker Bureau and an active speaker on Leadership and Building an Inclusive Culture, and has spoken at institutions worldwide including Harvard, IIMs, ISB and SP Jain. He helps organisations with strategy creation and business transformation planning, and with building operational efficiencies.

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